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if they aren t inside a secure cage odds are you will never find them and they will die of starvation to avoid this tragedy 1 spray the plants while they are inside the cage or have cutting containers on a tray where you can easily see them if they fall 2, plants are the strangest people paranoiac euphorbia trigona - this is one of a series of plants i bought during a quest to get one particular plant the plant i wanted was euphorbia ammak i wound up buying e trigona and e pseudocactus first and then eventually got two enormous cuttings of the one i really wanted from someone on garden web 1 the nice surprise is that all three have turned out to be great additions to the group though in different ways, wildlife guide national wildlife federation - america is privileged with a stunning array of animals plants and wild destinations each with its own incredible story get to know the amazing wildlife in your backyard and beyond, a cancer doctor explores role of spirituality in end of - a cancer doctor explores role of spirituality in end of life care belief systems of both patient and caregiver may influence the individual s quality of life, petroleum industry activities and climate change global - 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