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understanding and teaching reading comprehension a - this is a helpful up to date review and explanation of research on reading comprehension that is easy to understand too often when researchers write books they are written for other researchers and it is difficult for teachers school administrators and parents to wade through the technical information to get to the good stuff, comprehension instruction what works reading rockets - without a strong background in basic skills like decoding and vocabulary building reading comprehension is impossible this article offers research based strategies for building on these and other skills to increase student understanding of what is read, key comprehension strategies to teach reading rockets - what are the key comprehension strategies to teach studies on good readers have identified a number of comprehension strategies to be highly useful, assessment of reading comprehension ld online - good reading comprehension is the ultimate goal of reading instruction at all grade levels and for all children including those with learning disabilities, reading comprehension adolescent literacy 101 adlit org - about reading comprehension on occasion even the most highly literate people find themselves reading something without understanding it for instance sleepy readers might pass their eyes over a page or two of a novel only to realize that they haven t been registering the words, direct explicit comprehension strategy instruction - direct explicit comprehension strategy instruction by u s department of education comprehension strategies are routines and procedures that readers use to help them make sense of texts, strategies for struggling readers copy paste by peter - meet the turned off reader the turned off reader is capable of decoding and comprehending but is unchallenged and unmotivated these students can exhibit a negative attitude with most reading assignments