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women in the military wikipedia - women have served in the military in various roles and in various jurisdictions throughout history since 1914 in western militaries women have served in greater numbers and more diverse roles than before in the 1970s most western armies began allowing women to serve in active duty in all military branches in nine countries women are conscripted into military service, black congresswomen ask hagel to review hairstyle guidance - a group of black congresswomen is asking defense secretary chuck hagel to take another look at a revised army uniform and appearance regulation they say contains discriminatory rules, women and the british army in the first world war the - it is a well documented fact the the great war brought many new opportunities for women they moved into areas of public commercial and industrial life that had previously been out of bounds, the salvation army annual review 2014 2015 - now at work in 127 countries the salvation army s operations in canada began in 1882 and it has grown to become the largest direct provider of social services in the country next to government, army com tdy policy changes - temporary change of station tcs tdy policy changes august 09 2007 what is it the army is putting the temporary back into temporary change of station or tcs, army releases latest policies on female hairstyles - the army publishes revisions to army regulation 670 1 its policy for wear and appearance of army uniforms and insignia which included changes to female hairstyles and tattoos standards, bellaonline the voice of women - bellaonline is an encouraging supportive publishing community for women we provide free training support and promotion so writers may reach their personal and business goals, the brutal history of japan s comfort women history - between 1932 and 1945 japan forced women from korea china and other occupied countries to become military prostitutes, swiss army classic knife rei co op - the lightweight all purpose swiss army classic knife includes scissors blade screwdriver nail file tweezers and a toothpick available at rei 100 satisfaction guaranteed, metoo women rebel against the sexual national review - the metoo movement is about more than rape women appear to be rebelling against the sexual revolution, army cyber institute aci home - army cyber institute home west point center for oral history records an important piece of supercomputer history during an interview with dr william pulleyblank currently professor of operations research in the west point department of mathematical sciences, global security news and defence headlines jane s 360 - german chancellor angela merkel has thrown her weight behind the creation of a european army telling the european parliament on 13 november that the times when we could rely on others are past, baaghi 2 review one man army the hindu - in these days of nationalistic frenzy much respect is shown to the army cops can be bad armymen can t so our young soldier even in the midst of the mayhem he unleashes at the police station, sparta reconsidered spartan women - the status of women in most of the greek world and particularly in athens was similar to the status of women under the taliban today wives were acquired strictly for the purpose of the production of legitimate heirs and sexual pleasure was sought from boys slaves and prostitutes who were also unfree in explicitly lopsided relationships in which the free adult male dominated and, they raped every german female from eight to 80 books - red army soldiers don t believe in individual liaisons with german women wrote the playwright zakhar agranenko in his diary when serving as an officer of marine infantry in east prussia, entertainment movies games videos military com - get all of the latest entertainment news and important information for off duty military everything from movie and game reviews to space a travel deals and videos, the swiss army knife of av receivers cnet - a big blunt black box that can do it all the v681 combines a bevy of gotta have features with seriously potent sound quality